Digital Membership Cards by MuseumAnywhere

What’s in our wallet? Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Drivers Licence, Health Insurance Card, Auto insurance card and more! Simplify life for your members.

Museum Collection Online

Most Museums, Historic Sites, Art Galleries, Science Centers have more artifacts than they can put on display. Space is usually biggest constraint and a limited number of artifacts can be displayed at a time.

Blackbaud Technology Partner

MuseumAnywhere becomes a Technology Partner of Blackbaud, Inc. Our E-Membership Cards and Member FastLane solutions integrate with and extend Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and Altru capabilities.

Teacher App for field trips

Teacher App is an Education App for Museum, Science centers and others. Your Teacher App allows planning of the trip to your facility, provides age appropriate suggestions of interactives.

E-Membership cards from your Blackbaud Altru system

Provide E-Membership Cards on your members smartphones! Electronic cards are huge convenience to members.

Things you must do before Raisers Edge to Altru Migration

As museums move from onsite systems to hosted platforms like from Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge (RE) to Altru, there are certain considerations that will ensure smooth your transition.

Social Media Hub

A Social Media Hub is an exquisite addition to any kind of website on the internet. Whether an individual is preparing to run his or her current hash tag campaign or simply trying to create a commercial website that promotes fans with commercial products, a social media hub is the best way to connect with both present and upcoming brand enthusiasts.

Intelligent Messaging -Advanced Add-on

The term “intelligent Messaging’’ has quite a complex meaning, in relation to a computer’s ethics definition, to begin with; it can be defined as a historic messaging system, that was initially introduced by Banyan Systems, that ran its course through NetWare and VINES servers,

Advanced add-ons of museum app development

Museum Anywhere is a partition of InfiCare Technologies a source of IT solutions and amenities to the government, non-profit and commercial customers in United States, Central and South America, Europe and Asia for about 14 years.


Handheld and mobile tours are made simple and on your fingertips nowadays. There are many scientific organizations that make and create these apps for museum maps and tours. Nowadays maximum people carry smartphones and so the preference of apps is very high.


Other than expecting people to use web browsers, type URLs and spend a lot of extra time, it is far better to carry the museum in everyone’s pocket. We are talking about customized museum apps.


Museum app development with CMS deals with developing several mobile apps or open-source browsers or other such things by the consortiums of certain museums.

Museum App Development

In modern times, if there is one thing that comes to mind first as the jaw dropping platform that has solely changed the whole essence of museum experience for museum lovers throughout the world, it is nothing other than today’s social applications or apps and their progress through the smart phone network.


Museum Association Annual Conference, Birmingham UK

MuseumAnywhere team is looking forward to exhibiting at Museum Association Annual Conference and Exhibition Nov 5 and 6 in Birmingham, UK. Visit us in Booth# 33 in the main exhibition hall.


Western Museum Association Annual Conferance

Looking forward to presenting some of the new products for Museums at WMA event in San Jose CA later this month. Come by and see us in booth #4


AAM Annual Conferance

Museum Anywhere/InfiCare Technologies booth at American Alliance of Museum Annual Conference in Atlanta


AAM Show 2015

It was great exhibiting at AAM Anuual Conference in Atlanta. Museum App was received very well.

Can Smartphone Apps Increase Museum Visitors?

Museums inspire a world of endless learning. With the use of specifically tailored and fashioned museum apps on a visitors smartphone or tablet, the learning does not need to end when they walk out of the door.

App Creates Ultimate Museum Experience

With fully customizable features, the new app allows curators and visitors alike to enrich their museum experience.