Museum app development with CMS deals with developing several mobile apps or open-source browsers or other such things by the consortiums of certain museums. Museums are being made mobile with the help of many companies all over the globe. And all these are done with the help of CMS (content management system). CMS is being used to be able to manage and improve the content of a website. CMS is comprised of two parts, namely: CMA (content management application) and CDA (content delivery application). CMA helps the author or content manager to handle the modification, removal or creation of content without the help of a webmaster even if he does not know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). CDA, on the other hand helps to modernize the website.


Now to make museums go mobile, one must create a website configured for small screen, which may be called web app. The purpose of these apps is maximum accessibility, getting more and more people into knowledge about these. Well, these are much fuss-free to manage than native apps. Disadvantage is that you need to be online for these apps to work. Some companies who offer web-based CMS for making mobile friendly websites are:

Toursphere– This Company will give you a website based at their domain, like with media manager, templates, multiple languages, maps, etc.

Guide by cell– They produce bare-bones website for mobiles. Online administrative site is used and the museum staff chooses and uploads items and media.

Kanvasys– This company bids web formatted websites which are edited by their CMS.

Other options are Native apps (semi-automated):

These are better than web apps. These can be downloaded to visitor’s mobile phones or can be preloaded to iPods on rental at a museum. Well native apps are way more expensive than web apps and their creation is time consuming as well. The museum staffs are stripped of control in this case. Semi-automated apps are a better option as these are cheaper. Museum app development with CMS is very important and helpful. The companies providing the services are:

GuideOne– “G1 Curator CMS” is their CMS. The preset modules of this company include zoom able images and floor maps, scavenger quizzes and hunts, audio tour, donation/membership features, etc.

Kanvasys– This Company gives a lot of services for Android and iOS. They provide both offline and online apps.

LookBack- With the help of the LookBackMaps, one can have free admittance to historical photos in many online archives. Archives or Museums can create account, location info and also submit photos.

Native apps (fully outsourced):

A totally custom app can be made if the museums hire development/design firms. These companies always have a wide variety of source codes which they can use many a times in different projects. These apps cost more and editing is harder but not impossible. Better results are yielded by these apps. Also these apps are very good examples of museum app development with CMS.

The mobile apps are very affordable and one can be a member of the rising community of museums that need to be on an app platform.