Social Media Hub. Live!

Live Media Hub captures your official Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts and brings them to life! You can also include your PR assets in the social posts stream. In addition, it scours the web 24×7 to capture social chatter about your Museum and brings live content as it happens.

Live Media Hub is a great way to get people interested in your Museum related social posts and peek their interest to follow/friend with your museum. You will have complete control of what can show up on your media hub through access to our robust intelligent LiveMediaHub engine.

Live Media Hub is available in three formats:

  • As a plugin for your existing website (no need to re-do the site)
  • Live Media Hub within our Mobile Apps or Integration into your Mobile App
  • NEW: Live Media Hub is now available in HD Projector version to display on big screen HDTV/Projector. Show it off in front lobby, in Events, in meeting rooms and as start page for your WebEx meetings.


When you buy LiveMedia Hub or any other product from us,  we can even split your initial annual billing to match your fiscal year i.e. bill proportionately for the remaining months of current fiscal and then bill annually in next full fiscal.