Dave Judy

Things have been going very well with our e-membership process. Thanks for all your help

Barbara Basten

You guys are so responsive and willing to take care of every things for us. Thumbs up from our end!

S Graves

MuseumAnywhere is good at fleshing out a vision or idea once it’s been provided. Clients shouldn’t be afraid of suggesting different things to try out. One of our marketing people came across one of those 360-degree cameras and asked if it would be possible to integrate photos like that into the app. Over the weekend, MuseumAnywhere worked on it and sent us a demo for how it could be utilized. It was a seamless experience.

N Griffith

MuseumAnywhere’s solutions have been invaluable for exposing our institutional members to 21st century innovations within the museum field. Their team is very responsive. I would highly recommend their products like Museum App, Collections App and E-Membership Cards to any museum looking to gain a technological edge.

L Hendrickson

I’ve been looking through the app. I see the changes (in portal show up in the app in real time), and they look great. I tested the push notification, the Facebook image share and the donate option.

D Adams

Re LiveMedia Hub display on HD projector in Anchorage Museum Lobby:  “this is really great.  I’ve been watching people and they are memorized by it.  It holds their attention.”

I think it (LiveMediaHub) looks fabulous,