eMembership Cards

Automatically generate E-Membership Cards (with automated renewal reminders)…

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eMembership Cards already integrates with Altru, Raiser’s Edge, Versai, ACME, Siriusware, DonorPerfect, PatronManager, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Salsa Labs, Tessitura, Salesforce, Fundly CRM, Neon CRM. We can integrate with other membership systems as well.

New: Join Membership by Text
New: Option to download eMembership card in Apple Wallet or Google Pay without downloading app

  • Member gets Digital Membership Cards on their smartphone.
  • eMembership Card is smart. It knows what to do as its renewal date approaches.
  • eMembership Card can be added to Apple Wallet
  • Wallet card pops up on member device, as soon as member comes in vicinity of Museum.
  • Security Module! Audit trail of downloads, capability to block device and even remotely wipe card if needed.
  • eMembership Card image- Choose same or different for premier level memberships
  • Reciprocals on the card-Different based on membership level
  • Membership Renewal still happens in your Altru, Raiser’s Edge, PatronManager, DonorPerfect, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Fundly CRM or other Membership system that we integrate with, through your website
  • No data entry, scanning or work required from you!
  • No hardware, software to buy.
  • Cut down on mailing expenses.
  • Quick e-delivery of new membership cards.
  • Save recurring costs of outsourced mail-house or internal costs of printing, separating, matching with letter, stuffing envelopes, mailing, supplies and staff time.
  • Fewer reminder letters need to be sent and less checks to deal with.

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Our Clients

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Member Fast Lane Kiosk

Member Fast Lane Kiosk integrated with Altru, Raisers Edge and more…

Member Fast Lane Kiosk integrated with Altru, Raisers Edge and more… Give priority and attention members deserve and not have them wait in general queue behind people inquiring and buying tickets. They should really be first to be greeted and prioritized for entry.

Fast Lane solution allows your members to gain quick entry without waiting with other visitors No need to staff additional person for members.

Fast Lane Kiosk is a solution on iPad affixed on counter/ stand. It comes with a companion iPad with Fast Lane for your staff.

Member puts in couple pieces of info and their card to instantly show up on screen. At the same time, card also pops on Staff iPad instantly while they may be attending other people in general queue and staff can verbally acknowledge them in… Thank you Mr. Wilson, go right in…

Fastlane can show max how many people are allowed with that type of membership and capture how many came in and generate reports for staff.

FastLane Kiosk for Members already integrates with Blackbaud Altru and Raiser’s Edge. We are a Technology Partner of Blackbaud, Inc. If you have another membership system that we do not have integration to, we will do it for you.
Reach us for details.


Visitor Sign-in Kiosk

Are you getting analytics on what brought a person in? Are you leveraging…

Are you getting analytics on what brought a person in? Are you leveraging opportunities for expanding membership base? Museums with free admission struggle even more in getting reliable analytics on visitors. Often electronic counting solutions are implemented that just give basic counts on visitors.

Why not implement Visitor Sign In-Tablet Kiosks to gather info you can use within the museum and with museum benefactors? It’s an inexpensive solution with significant ROI.

With just a few questions, Visitor Sign-in Kiosk solution from MuseumAnywhere team can identify a repeat visitor and also get valuable analytics for you. Analytics on what brought them in – an event, an exhibition, an educational session etc. Analytics of where they come from and opportunity to get info for targeting for events or exhibition announcements or increasing your membership base.


Collection Online with Analytics

Museum Collection Online already integrates with your TMS collection System and can be quickly…

Museum Collection Online: Live-streaming of your collection

Museum Collection Online already integrates with your TMS collection System and can be quickly implemented on top of any other collection Management system. Most Museums have more artifacts than they can display. There is a compelling case for making the artifacts available  to public even if they cannot all be physically displayed at the same time. Museum Online allows large number of artifacts to be available on your website. User can choose categories, themes, artists or other criteria to see what they are interested in.

Quickly bring your Collection to your website! Get visual analytics. Bringing museum collection to web is targeted for public, Educators, Students and Researchers.

1. Our solution connects to your existing Collection System.
2. Web view of your collection to provide more detailed information.
3. You control what will be made available on the web.
4. You control what type of info related to artifacts will be made available.
5. Provides Web Search of your Collection.
6. Advanced Web Search capability on multiple criteria at the same time.
7. Social login integration (Facebook/twitter). User can also search without login.
8. Ability to push items into Favorites lists and those lists can be stored for later.
9. Ability to recall Favorites lists and add/remove items that were short-listed.
10. Social Share capabilities.
11. Analytics for museum.
12. PDF Reports capability.


Talk to us. We integrate with your existing collection system like TMS. Our solution is quick to implement and is very cost effective compared to collection system providers e-solutions.