Museum Collection Online: Live-streaming of your collection

Museum Collection Online already integrates with your TMS collection System and can be quickly implemented on top of any other collection Management system. Most Museums have more artifacts than they can display. There is a compelling case for making the artifacts available  to public even if they cannot all be physically displayed at the same time. Museum Online allows large number of artifacts to be available on your website. User can choose categories, themes, artists or other criteria to see what they are interested in.

Quickly bring your Collection to your website! Get visual analytics. Bringing museum collection to web is targeted for public, Educators, Students and Researchers.

1. Our solution connects to your existing Collection System.
2. Web view of your collection to provide more detailed information.
3. You control what will be made available on the web.
4. You control what type of info related to artifacts will be made available.
5. Provides Web Search of your Collection.
6. Advanced Web Search capability on multiple criteria at the same time.
7. Social login integration (Facebook/twitter). User can also search without login.
8. Ability to push items into Favorites lists and those lists can be stored for later.
9. Ability to recall Favorites lists and add/remove items that were short-listed.
10. Social Share capabilities.
11. Analytics for museum.
12. PDF Reports capability.


Talk to us. We integrate with your existing collection system like TMS. Our solution is quick to implement and is very cost effective compared to collection system providers e-solutions.